Saturday, February 5, 2011


So once again we are pregnant! Yay!! We are so excited! And because we already have all boy stuff and enough girl stuff to last the first few months, we are going to NOT find out what the sex of the baby is until delivery. My doctor called me a brat when I told her this saying she had to try to keep it a secret now. :O) But thats ok. I can live with being a brat. :O) We are due August 28th. Yay! One month after my birthday. Not looking forward to the third trimester being in the summer though. Blech!
Happy New Year to everyone! Even though I am a month late. :O) Kalin and I are celebrating our third anniversary on wednesday. Three years already. Can you believe it?

We hope everyone is having a marvelous, although cold, winter and we cannot wait for spring. One of our 2 vacations this year we have decided to go to Utah for Easter.