Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July, Family, and Friends

Well, we went to the pediatrician yesterday and Kayson is 15% for weight and 50% for hieght. They said he is growing great! He eats pretty much anything and loves it! He has two teeth and a third one growing in which is his canine. Poor baby. That must hurt.
For 4th of July we had fireworks at Kalins parents and a little BBQ with the Bakers at our house! It was tons of fun! Mary loved her sprinklers! Haha! We got up that morning and lit a sparkler with Kayson. He LOVES fireworks! He thought they were great. Poor Luke and Kayson didn't get to sleep til almost midnight that night. Crazy!
The Bakers and Chelsey and Cody are coming over tonight for group game night. We are gonna have some amazing porkchops and play some fun games. We are so grateful for friends!
Anyway Kayson and I are going down to Utah next week to do some photo shoots and visit with Julie and her family. It'll be fun! Julie Trevor and the girls havent met Kayson yet so it will be fun!
Love you All!!
Kalin, Kelley, and Kayson

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